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1801- PLAN L1
1801- PLAN Loft
Living Area
View from Loft

1801 Timber on the boards

  • 534 square feet (sf) w/ Opt Loft

  • Ground Level: 477sf

  • 30' x 18' footprint (w/porch 30' x 24')

  • Open living / kitchen / dining area 

  • 1 Bedroom with private entry

  • 1 Bath with curbless shower

  • Universal Design / Accessible



  • Free Summary Plan (8-1/2″x11″)

  • Plan Study Set (11″x 17″)

  • Construction Plan Set (24″x 36″)


For more information about the plan set contents, read “What’s Available for Download.” or Contact us with questions.




Small Home for Simple Living

    Flex: 1 Bedrm home or Office+Studio

    Accessible: Bring Grandma home!

    Creative Space: Close but separate 


Timber packs many options and possibilities in one small footprint. It features an open vaulted living/dining/kitchen area, one bedroom, a full bath and an optional storage/guest loft. With Universal Design strategies incorporated, the Timber provides the flexibility for the changes that life brings us. Storage is prioritized and maximized, even in this very small home…


The entry side of the home expands to covered patio living, creating an outside room. The kitchen side of the home includes carefully placed windows for light and ventilation…yet private to the street or neighbor.


The kitchen wall extends to the bath area providing a tall array of 8’ tall cabinets and shelves that may include storage, a laundry area, linen and desk/craft area. A pantry bookends the kitchen wall. You can easily customize this layout to fit your lifestyle.


The bedroom, with private outside entry, includes customizable 8’ tall wall-to-wall wardrobe storage. When including the optional storage/ guest loft above, the 8’ ht bedroom ceiling will include the open loft wood joists and wood floor decking of the loft above for increased ht. If the loft is not included, the bedroom will include a tall vaulted ceiling with a transom window above the wardrobe open to the living area high ceilings for increased light and ventilation. The bedroom can be used as a separate office or guest room, while the rest of the small home is occupied as a studio.


The bath is tucked away, next to the bedroom. It features a modern wet room design with a curbless shower, wall-mounted toilet and extended vanity. Flanked by a series of windows with privacy glass, the bath is a bright, comfortable and easily cleaned space. An optional layout moves the vanity just outside the wet room to replace the “desk” area with a dressing area. The wet room would then contain both the walk-in shower and wall-mounted toilet with room for a bench and heated towel rack.


Universal Design enables a seamless modern open space that is accessible, usable and convenient for all. This design direction anticipates aging in place or living with disabilities, long term or temporary, with features such as wide doorways, low threshholds, curbless shower and generous passages. This allows layouts for changing uses over time.




The basic house shape is a compact 18’x30’ rectangle, with 2x6 exterior wall construction to provide a strong stable shell. (This home is good candidate for SIP construction, too). The simple gable with shed dormer profile provide interior height and natural light from tall window and high transoms.


The "north" wall includes an additional framed 2x4 wall for plumbing and electrical service to allow the exterior wall to fully insulate the space. All the plumbing fixtures are aligned to this wall with the HWH stashed in the mech space above, providing a straightforward plumbing installation. The extra depth provides for nice deep window sills and gives flexibility to recessing the fridge, laundry units and other fixtures.

The storage and kitchen spaces are dimensioned to accommodate IKEA cabinets and wardrobes for maximized creative modern storage strategies. Full closets are replaced by 7'+ tall IKEA wardrobes which are less expensive and more versatile than static closets that require framing, gyp board, painting, doors and trim.


The optional loft is accessed by a carefully located ladder that shifts out from the wall for use. The loft floor joists are open to the bedroom below with exposed 2x6 T&G wood plank flooring for a straightforward installation that adds visual interest and height to the bedroom. Skylights in the high vaulted ceiling, add constant natural light to this open floor plan.


Doors are framed with trim inside and out. Windows include interior gyp board returns with wood sills. The flooring is engineered wood, vinyl planks or a polished concrete finish. The bath walls are tiled or solid surface. Radiant floor heating, a mini split system or wall heaters are options, depending on the home location and climate needs.

Currently offered with a slab foundation, this home can accommodate other foundation types. 2x6 or SIP (structural insulated construction). We specify low maintenance, non-toxic and fire-resistant interior and exterior finish materials. Other green building strategies can maximize energy efficiency while minimizing our carbon footprint. Ask us about those.

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