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Perch plan
Entry Elevation
Entrance at sloping site
Sloping Site
Interior view
Open and airy space
Living Area
Living area
Indoor/Outdoor Living
Full Kitchen with Island and Bar
Perch kitchen
Doing dishes with a view
Laundry area
Full Bath
Bedroom 1
Bedroom 2



Perch was designed as a vacation home. Long on views, indoor/outdoor living, and spaces for both gathering & solo moments. The low maintenance and energy efficient strategies ensures you will have time to relax.


A large open living, dining and kitchen area sports two banks of 8-foot-tall double sliding glass doors, transom windows, a window nook area under large casement windows and a high wood ceiling, all contributing to a light-filled cozy space.


The small kitchen is a workhorse. Designed to accommodate many users at the same time, you can access the fridge, the pull-out pantry, coffee/cocktail bar and dinnerware, all out of the cooking and food prep area. One bar seat at the end of the island let’s you watch all the activity.


Outdoor decks expand the living area, one oriented to the main views and a BBQ deck accessed from the kitchen, each with up to 6′ openings from the slider doors.


Two private bedrooms and one bath occupy one side of the home.The well lit bedrooms have sloped ceilings up to 10′. They fit a queen size bed with night tables easily. 


The bath includes a 5′ soaking tub/shower and nearly 5′ of vanity/counter. The dual flow toilet is well positioned to enjoy a view out the window.


A laundry center occupies both sides of the bedroom hallway. An open washer/dryer stack on one side and a linen/laundry work area on the other, behind doors or a curtain.


Lighting is an important feature of Perch. The combination of track, task, recessed, undercabinet and pendant fixtures will enable the full range of display lighting and ambiance, inside and out.




The basic house shape is a 28′ square, the most efficient building shape, with 2×6 exterior wall construction to provide a strong stable shell. One main interior wall divides the footprint to separate the public and private areas as well as capture the load of ceiling joists, allowing for a simple shed roof design.




The first Perch is a vacation rental. Here are some comments made by guests who have stayed there…


“Loved the open space and efficient layout. It was wonderful being able to cook in a logical and well equipped kitchen…”
...guest from Lexington, Ma


"...the home is immaculate in so many respects. Your design of the space and everything in it, from the finishes, to the appliances, furnishings, fixtures, etc., all fit the space so perfectly that it was a wonderful stay all around. 
...guest from Santa Clarita, California


“This house is adorable! We loved it…”
...guest from Stillwater, Mn


“My family and I have just spent the past week in your lovely house. It was perfect for us. The house is adorable. We love how modern it is, but homey and comfortable and the views were amazing…”
...guestbook comment 


1501 Perch Cabin

  • 800 sf  (746 sf excluding ext walls)

  • one-story

  • open living/kitchen/dining area with window nook

  • 2 bedrooms, 1 full bath

  • 28′ x 28′ foundation area 

  • 40′ wide x 42′ deep overall footprint including decks

PLANS AVAILABLE (in digital format)


  • Plan Study Set (11″x 17″) PDF: $300    (refundable with purchase of Construction Plan Set)

  • Construction Plan Set (24″x 36″)

       PDF File set:  $650

       CAD File set: $850 






For more information about the plan set contents, read “What’s Available for Download.” or Contact us with questions.

Please Note: All plan set sales are final with no refunds, returns, or exchanges once payment is electronically processed.



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