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What is available for download?


The Home Plan Summary 8-1/2″ x 11″ sheet is intended for you to take away the basics about the home. It includes the floor plan and building elevations plus overall dimensions and room sizes. You can find a link to this Summary PDF on each Home Plan detail page.


Refundable with purchase of the Construction Plan Set
The Plan Study Set is an optional low cost way to confirm the costs and details of building this particular home, before committing to the full Construction Plan Set fee. This set does not include the required license to build a home. You can, however, decide if it is the right design for your location.


The Plan Study Set is a reduced 11″x17″ PDF file of the construction drawings. Each page of this set is watermark stamped “NOT FOR CONSTRUCTION”.

Review of the Study Set will help you…

  • Identify modifications needed for your specific site and lifestyle

  • Determine any engineering and code adjustments needed to begin construction, upon review by your local building official and engineer

  • Solicit builder preliminary bids


The Construction Plan set is a set of detailed drawings that will enable you to build the home.


What’s included:

License: A license agreement that outlines the use of the design drawings, for your reference. You will have already reviewed and approved the license agreement in the Terms and Conditions that you accept prior to the purchase of the set.


24” x 36” PDF Drawing Set: Detailed plans and information for construction of the chosen design. The building components are sized and specified appropriately for construction, however, we do consider this set preliminary construction documents because … like any stock plan… you will need to add the information required to fit it to your site. Some plans may be available in CAD format.


Drawings and information typically included in the Construction Plan Set:

  • General site plan, project information and specifications

  • Foundation Plan at ¼” scale with dimensions, details and call-outs

  • Floor Framing Plan at ¼” scale with dimensions, details and call-outs

  • Floor Plan at ¼” scale with dimensions, call-outs and window/door schedule. 

  • Roof Framing and Roof Plan at ¼” scale with dimensions, details and call-outs

  • Elevations: Building exterior elevations (4) sides at ¼” scale with height dimensions, recommended material call-outs and notes

  • Building Sections: Several scaled and dimensioned cross-sections illustrating the construction and connection of floor to walls to roof.

  • Interior Elevations: Key interior, kitchen and bath elevations with dimensioned cabinet drawings and fixture call-outs. 

  • Schematic lighting plan indicating suggested switch and fixture types and locations.

  • Structural notes, however these notes are descriptive only and are not stamped by an engineer. They must be reviewed and confirmed by a local licensed engineer for applicability to your site.

Not included:

  • Plumbing, HVAC, and electrical circuit design. Your builder or design professional can assist you, in specifying the best system for plumbing, heating and air conditioning delivery for conditions in your region and at your site, since climate and access to utilities vary country-wide. The plan set does indicate a general electrical plan with lighting & switch locations as well as plumbing fixture types with locations.

  • Stamped engineered structural specifications to meet local codes. You may be able to build this structure “as is" or may be required by your local building official to add some specific structural components to satisfy regional and local code requirements. 

  • Material list. Because materials, finishes and construction lumber specifications vary state to state, it is best to work with your builder to develop a material list specific to your area. 

  • Cost to build. There are so many variables in build costs in different regions that we would only mislead you if we threw a dart at a cost to build. We do know that regions have average building costs per square foot. Your builder can describe your local averages for this kind of project.


The most effective form of sending you house plan documents is via email. Upon receipt of payment, we will forward a link to you for the download of your files, in PDF format, typically within 1 to 2 days. Your local copy printer can print paper sets for you from these files and you can forward the files to your design professional and builder for use on this project. Certainly contact us with any questions or should you require delivery of paper sets.

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